Matt’s Wall

(Central Komodo)

A dive site with an incredible amount of biodiversity and a topography to match. Ranging from shallow pristine reefs to a large overhang and pinnacles.

Located on the south end of Siaba Besar, it’s a place for more experienced divers due to deep profile and current.

We jump near the coastline descending onto a sloping reef full of colourful corals and fish. With a drift pushing towards the overhang, it starts at 14meters and going down to 30+ meters makes this the ideal place for a large amount of marine life, a torch is a big help to look into the small holes. Full of corals and sponges is an ideal habitat for the small critters, look for the many different nudibranchs and flatworms. Within the overhang you can find large schools of fish taking cover from the current. Look into the blue here as this is a good spot for mantas passing by and normally the giant trevallies and snappers in large schools.

Leaving the overhang and following the reef back into the shallows you can have a good chance to see reef sharks and eagle rays riding the currents. The Safety Stop is carried out on the reefs edge where on rare occasions dugongs have been spotted.

40’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 40’ from Labuan Bajo

Strong to mild - Perfect for snorkelling

Very good to moderate

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