Sebayur Kecil

(Central Komodo)

Our excellent house reef, a charming coral garden.

The dive begins not far from the coastline. Already in the descent you can admire the huge amount of hard corals, seafans and sponges that grow lush at all depths. The reef gently slopes until the white sand bottom around 19m. Here and there small rock formations also covered with marine life. Large cuttlefish, octopus, ghost pipefish, frogfish, leafy scorpionfish and electric clams are just some of the many inhabitants of this area.

No current, always good visibility and lots of sea life make this dive site a perfect place for routine check dives as well as afternoon dives and courses.

10’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 40’ from Labuan Bajo

Mild to nothing - Perfect for snorkelling

Very good to moderate

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