Snorkeling in Komodo can be really a great experience!

There are a number of amazing snorkeling sites starting from the resort house reef which is roughly about 1 kilometer long and truly appreciated by even the most avid and demanding snorkelers.

At only five minutes distance from the resort our guests can enjoy the beautiful reef of Sebayur Kecil and within 30 to 45 minutes boat ride there are several incredible snorkeling options too.

Tatawa Besar hosts one of most beautiful coral garden of the archipelago.

Manta Point is a highlight as sometimes numerous manta rays can be seen and allow the snorkelers to get near.

Mawan where the coral reefs seems originated by the white sand of the bottom of the sea, and many others spots make the Komodo archipelago a dream place for the snorkelers too.

Snorkelers are always accompanied by a motor boat, and upon request by a guide.

They will happily and safely enjoy the true beauty of Komodo archipelago for long lasting memories.