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Komodo Park Tours

The Komodo Resort strategic location allows a number of daily excursions:

  • 50 minutes boat ride: Rinca tour where we can look for Komodo dragons.
  • 25 minutes boat rides: Mawan Island with its white beaches.
  • 1,30 hour boat ride: the pink beach at the foot of the Padar rugged rocky hills.
  • 1,30 hour boat ride: the pink Komodo beach which overlooks one of the most spectacular Indonesian Reef.

With 45 minutes boat ride: Kalong, where at sunset an incredible number of Flying Foxes bats darken the sky when flying away looking for food in the Flores forests.
These are only some of the many enjoyable opportunities that this extraordinary archipelago can offer, and the question that normally arises amongst guest is: Is it more beautiful under or above water?

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