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This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a snorkeling experience like no other.

Komodo National Park spans 1,733 sq km across 29 islands, originally created to protect the Komodo dragon. It now conserves diverse marine life, including 1,000+ fish species, 260 coral species, and 14 marine species.

Komodo Snorkeling is truly a great experience

Komodo Snorkeling is truly a great experience

Experience incredible snorkeling at Komodo Resort, where you can explore our 1-kilometer house reef. Stay with us in the heart of Komodo National Park for encounters with majestic Manta Rays at Manta Point or Mawan, and swim with numerous turtles in Turtle City. Komodo's waters are a biodiversity hotspot, part of the Coral Triangle, with 76% of known coral species and 37% of coral reef fish species, making it a top destination for snorkeling enthusiasts.

The Best Komodo Snorkeling Spots

The Best Komodo Snorkeling Spots

There are numerous Komodo snorkeling spots to visit, enough to fulfill a one week stay at Komodo Resort. Together with our stunning house reef, here’s a list of the most popular snorkeling spots you absolutely must visit.

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The Daily Komodo Snorkeling Plan

The Daily Komodo Snorkeling Plan

Snorkeling in Komodo will take you some of the most incredible spots that words can’t describe. From Komodo Resort, we will be daily using one of our wooden boats or speedboats depending on the planning of the specific day; Because we are placed right in the Komodo National Park, we are easily reaching any of the popular Komodo snorkeling spots. Planning is being secured the day before and communicated to all our Komodo Resort guests. The Komodo snorkeling trips typically start in the morning at approximately 8AM with a planned return for lunch at the resort at approximately 1PM. During the snorkeling trips we visit 2 to maximum 3 spots.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling

There is another way to explore the wonders of Komodo snorkeling, and that is with our Komodo liveaboard, Komodo Sea Dragon. Embark on our luxurious Komodo liveaboard for one of our multi-day diving or snorkeling trips. Itineraries are pre-set as you will be living on a luxurious yacht for the duration of the trip.

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Frequently Ask Question

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How far away is Komodo Resort from Labuan Bajo?
Komodo Resort is located conveniently on Sebayur Island, basically in the Komodo National Park. From Labuan Bajo here are our boat transfer durations: Speed boat: 30 minutes Wooden boat: 1 hour – 1 hour 20 minutes
How big are your dive groups?
We maintain a strict 4 on 1 group ratio meaning 4 divers of equal certification and experience for 1 dive guide.
Do you visit all of the Komodo National Park dive sites?
Yes, we visit all of the dive sites in the Komodo National Park. The trips however depends on weather and underwater conditions as some dive sites depending on the time of the year are not accessible. Ask us for more details about particular dive sites.
Do you offer private diving or snorkeling trips?
Yes we do. Upon request and with advance planning we can provide private charters for diving or snorkeling trips. Such requests must be communicated at the time of resort booking to provide the dive center sufficient time to comfortably and professionally prepare the logistics.

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Dive Center

Embark on daily scuba diving and snorkeling trips to the mesmerizing Komodo National Park and enhance your skills with our PADI Courses, all led by our experienced dive instructors for an unforgettable underwater adventure.


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