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One of the World’s Best Diving Destinations

The wonders of Komodo Diving, where you’ll find some of the most breathtaking underwater landscapes on Earth. Incredible marine life, crystal clear waters, and unforgettable dive sites, Komodo offers an unparalleled diving experience for Indonesia diving. In this article, we’ll explore the five best dive sites in Komodo, the best time to visit, and other thrilling activities to enjoy during your stay.

View of Prince Island in Istanbul

Batu Bolong

No, not a secret and not by accident why Batu Bolong is the first on the list. This small rock pinnacle is simply paradise, and trust when we say, you have not seen coral reef like at Batu Bolong.
There is no way to put it to even describe how beautiful this dive site is. Divers can witness underwater life at its best and it perfectly defines Komodo diving. Giant Trevallies and Napoleon Russ, dolphins often passing by, all the camouflage fish you can imagine and the list can go on.
This is a must do dive site while diving in Komodo. But as much as we recommend it, everyone must be extremely careful because diving here can be dangerous when diving at the wrong time. The currents can be insanely strong.

beautiful island in the sea at sunset and a ligh

Manta Point

The name says it all, Manta Point is the place to dive with manta rays but it’s also not the only dive site for the Mantas. Mawan and Manta Alley are two other main dive sites.
Manta Point is generally a drift dive and divers can enjoy close encounters with these gentle giants. Often in Manta Point divers can see tens and tens of Mantas in what we like to call a Manta storm.

Aerial view of fishing boats

Siaba Besar

Perfect for beginners and macro photographers, Siaba Besar boasts calm waters and a shallow reef. This site is famous for its diverse collection of critters, including frogfish, seahorses, and nudibranchs. A contrary dive site to the strong currents from the others.

Landscape of santa maria island azores


An iconic dive site for Komodo diving. This spot got its name because of the very strong currents and the insane speed divers glide with at a particular point in the dive site when moving on top of a small wall, the currents shoot you like from a shotgun.
It sounds incredible but it’s a fun dive site where often Mantas can be seen and sharks playing in the currents.

Landing pier on the komodo island

Tatawa Besar

An all time favorite for all divers visiting Komodo diving. With its stunning coral reef and abundant marine life, Tatawa Besar offers divers a delightful mix of colorful fish, turtles, and reef sharks.
The site’s topography includes caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs, providing an exhilarating underwater adventure. With the right currents, Tatawa Besar can also be a a really cool drift dive.

Best Time For Komodo Diving

The best time to dive in Komodo is between April and November which is basically the dry season. During these months, the seas are calm, and visibility is at its peak, allowing divers to fully appreciate the region’s underwater beauty.

However Komodo diving is unpredictable and often even though the season is the right one, underwater conditions don’t allow for safe diving. It is possible to dive in Komodo all year round but in the months of December to February, the rain and sometimes the strong winds can stop the diving activities for a few days. Yet, these are also the months when the Manta migration takes place and you can dive in Manta Point or Mawan with 100 Mantas rays. Simply incredible!

Other Activities in Komodo

Komodo diving is not the only activity you can do for fun. While diving with the liveaboard there is always a plan to do tours, hikes and other stuff, if you dive from a dive resort you need to make sure to take time to visit the places we will recommend now. If you plan to dive with a liveaboard, we warmly recommend to consider our Komodo Sea Dragon or our crown jewel, Neptune One.

Aerial view of a tropical island

Komodo Dragon Tours

No trip to Komodo would be complete without seeing its iconic inhabitants, the Komodo Dragons. Guided tours in Komodo National Park provide a safe and exciting way to observe these magnificent creatures up close on either Komodo or Rinca islands.
Be careful though, do not get too close.


Padar Island

A visit to Padar Island offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding islands and bays. This is now iconic for Komodo National Park.
Hiking to the top of the island is a rewarding experience, providing a perfect opportunity for memorable photographs. The hike normally takes place early morning at sunrise or later in the day before sunset to be able to avoid the beating sun.
The hike trail is made out of steps and it’s quite demanding so make sure you bring a bottle of water and a cap. Not ideal for elderly or people with knee issues.

Pink beach Komodo

Pink Beach

Yet another spot in Komodo that makes all the sense to visit. Pink Beach gets its name from of course, the color of the beach which is a bright pink. Touching the sand you can see the pink particles that make the beach here like this.
It’s a fun and easy walk here so it’s highly recommended for families with children or romantics.

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