Things To Do in Komodo

Things to Do in Komodo: Dive and Snorkel into Pristine Waters, Trek Ancient Trails, and Encounter the world’s largest lizzard, the Komodo dragon.

Things To Do in Komodo

Staying with us at Komodo Resort sets you in the heart of the Komodo National Park, enabling you to visit and do all the things that you imagine doing in record time.

With our daily trips, you can comfortably book any of the popular things to do in Komodo: scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking on Padar island, visiting the Komodo dragons and more.

But don’t stop planning here, our private island has a few things to give. Our house reef is a stunning rich coral reef packed with marine life and frequent sightings of turtles, sharks, and even mantas and dugong.

Behind the resort, we prepared a trekking path that brings you the peak of the island for a beautiful sunrise or sunset view of the surrounding islands.

Things To Do with Komodo Resort

Below you can find all the different popular trips and stops that are must do and must visit in Komodo National Park while staying with us at Komodo Resort.

Our daily trips can be arranged during your stay at the resort. For your convenience, we make all arrangements starting from purchasing the Komodo National Park tickets, cooking delicious lunch, preparing diving, snorkeling and trekking guides, etc.

The ideal plan for any stay at Komodo Resort is to choose to follow all the Things To Do in Komodo that the national park has to offer.

Our unique position on Sebayur island cuts down the travel time by more than half compared to when staying in Labuan Bajo or the other resorts.

Trekking Padar Island

Trekking Padar Island

The iconic view of the Komodo National Park is a best seller for a day trip combination visiting the Komodo dragons and Pink Beach. This trekking can be demanding but the reward of the view from the top is rewarding.

Options: Full Day / Half Day trips

Komodo Pink Beach

Pink Beach

Part of the daily trips to the national park, visiting and perhaps even snorkeling at Pink Beach is an absolute must for all travelers adventuring for things to do in Komodo.

Options: Full Day / Half Day trips

Komodo Dragon Tours

Komodo Dragons

Visiting Komodo or Rinca islands to see the Komodo dragons is part of our daily activities starting from the resort. Either done as a single stop or in combination with others such as Padar or Pink Beach, it’s a must do.

Options: Full Day / Half Day trips

Kalong Flying Foxes

Flying Foxes at Kalong Island

A sunset experience that brings magnificient colors and the chance to see the Flying Foxes coming out of the Kalong Island. This trip can be organized standalone or in combination with making one stop at Rinca island.

Options: Half Day Trip

Manta Alley

Scuba Diving in Komodo

Komodo is a diver’s paradise with tens of dive sites all. By far the top of Things To Do in Komodo. Manta Rays, Sharks, Turtles, rich coral reefs and much more. Our diving trips are running daily from Komodo Resort and planning is done on site.

Options: 2 – 4 dives per day

Komodo Reef

Snorkeling in Komodo

Our resort provides a stunning coral reef rich with marine life swimmable all day long. For those adventurous we offer daily snorkeling trips in Komodo in all the popular snorkeling spots including Manta Point or Turtle City.

Options: 2 – 3 spots per day

Komodo Liveaboard

Immerse yourself in the ultimate Komodo National Park adventure with our luxurious liveaboard.


6 luxurious fully furnished cabins with twin and double bed setups, balcony, writing desk and en-suite bathrooms.

The vessel features a spacious indoor lounge and restaurant as well as an outdoor lounge and sun deck.

Special offers apply for direct early bird and group bookings.