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Castle Rock

At Castle rock the current can be very strong. We recommend that only very experienced divers visit this site in strong current condition.Several pinnacles rising from a shelf 20-24 metres deep and reaching almost the surface up to 4 meters deep, offer an unforgettable view. Among the pinnacles huge schools of fusiliers and surgon fishes attract Giant and Jack trevallies, Spanish makarels and sometimes dolphins. White tip and black tip sharks patrol the area, which is often visited by eagle and mant rays. Most of divers wish to come back here again and again. The visibility is excellent.
In current conditions the dive entry point is in the blue at about 50-60 metri West-Southwest from the shallowest pinnacles. Then you dive down to 30-33 meters on the slope and start to go up to the shelf at about 24 meters. After having explored the shelf, where the action is, you will go up right in between the main pinnacles to have you safety stop at 5 meters.

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