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Crystal Rock

At about 300 metri da Castle rock there is Crystal rock, whose tip is exposed at low tide. Similarly to Castle Rock, the current at Crystal rock can be very strong. Nevetheless a better shelter is found in the shade of the big rock. Besides the same fish species populating also Castle rock, there is a beautiful coral garden rich in fan corals in the Southwest side.In no current condition, we suggest to start the dive at 22-24m on the on the saddle connecting the main rock to a big pinnacle covered by fan corals. From there you can dive down to 27-30m to look for pygmeus sea horses on the fan corals. After having swimmed around a smaller pinnacle at about 22 meters, you will head to the main rock on its western side. From here we will go up, by reaching the main rock eastern side and you will make the safety stop at about 12 meters depth.
Position: northwestern tip of Komod island;Distance: 1h 15min by boat from Komodo Resort; 2h 20min from Labuan Bajo.

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