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Siaba Kecil

Siaba Kecil Drift (30 minuts from resort)

Siaba Kecil is a drift dive running through amazing canyons that lies 15 to 30 mt deep. Ending point is always around a beautiful coral garden. Current here can be strong and the drift a real adventure for moderately expert divers, but beginners can enjoy the area too just hanging around the gardens avoiding the flying drift. Depending on currents divers can dive the site starting from the east or west cape of the little island and snorkelers can enjoy the site too if current is not too strong.
The canyons with spectacular caves and ANFRATTI are home of big pelagic fishes, sharks,  barracudas and schools of giant trevally and sweet lips. Lots of turtles are usually found here. At the end of the drift there are rich coral gardens with a lot of life that are a paradise for macro lovers. Many critters live here around and the rare mandarin fish can be spotted too. Snorkelers will enjoy this spot as well.

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