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Tatawa Besar

At this site there is one of the most amazing coral gardens of Komodo archipelago, well worth more than one dive. This dive site can represent an alternative to Tatawa Kecil when the current is too strong. In this condition, the dive at Tatawa besar becomes a fun drift over a colourful underwater landscape for hundreds meters.
The dive entry is at about 6 meters depth, in front of a small beach facing the open sea at the northern side of the Island. You will start getting down heading Northeast and then you will follow the reef in East-Southeast direction at about 25 meters depth. This site is an unforgettable place for macro-photographers, as invertebrate species are the most interesting here. However you will easily spot napoleon wrasses, sea turtles and black tip fin shark. Usually in no current conditions you will return to the starting point, while with strong currents the boat will wait in the bay at the southern side of the island.
Visibility is good or excellent, exception made for January and February when  the west monsoon
can hit hardly the coast

Great place for snorkelling

Distance: 20 min by boat from Sebayur; 1h 30 min from Labuan Bajo

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