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Tatawa Kecil

A fantastic dive site where currents can be awful. Located North from Komodo, not far from Batu Bolong and South from Tatawa Besar, Tatawa Kecil is populated by an impressive variety of species. In the southern area at about 24 meters depth a small cave host a colony of pygmie seahorses. White tip fin sharks, grey sharks, giant trevallies and tuna fishes are commonly seen here. In the northern side, at about 22 meter depth, two big rocks give shelter to a cleaning station, mostly used by sweetlips. In no or weak current conditions, it is nice to have the safety stop in the northen side, while surrounded by surgeon fishes, big unicorn fishes and trevally.

Everybody can dive here during the tide change in the half moon periods, when the currents are weak. In all the other periods the extremely strong currents make this site suitable only for very experienced divers.

Visibility usually excellent.

Wonderful snorkeling

Distance:  25 min by boat from Sebayur / 1 h 35 min from Labua Bajo

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