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The Cauldron

Usually a drift diving along the channel between Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat. With the high tide we start from the south-eastern side of the channel and we cross it swimming among corals and school of fishes. On the other side of the channel we will be drift up on the edge of the cauldron. Once entered the cauldron we will dive down to the bottom watching the the wall covered by corals and crinoids. Inside the cauldron you will enjoy the amazing view of sharks and big pelagic fishes whirling round.We will go up along the northern side of the wall, we will be drift a bit longer to end up behind the western tip of Gili Lawat Laut where the boat will be waiting.
Great snorkeling, but suitable for expert swimmers, due to the strong corrents
Position: a few hundreds meters from Crystal Rock at the north-western tip of Komodo island; 1h 20min distant from Komodo Resort; 2h 25min distant from Labuan Bajo

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