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Vainilu (1 hour from resort)

Vainilu, just at the exit of Loh Buaya bay, offers something different from the other dive sites in Komodo .

Enter the water just in front of the beach at the west side of the bay.

You will be surprise for the absence of corals and colors. Just sandy slope, broken coral and rubble.

You may think you missed the spot but no, that’s the place, the best muck dive of Komodo.

Explore carefully the bottom at 8 to 15 meters, you will find a collections of critters that no other sites in Komodo can offer.

This is a real paradise for macro-photographers.

Frog fish, sea horses, any species of pipe fish, dragonets, mandarin fish and so on.

Vainilu is a strange and different dive site but not to be missed if you think that  “small is nice”.

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