A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

A Unique Resort for Divers, Snorkelers & Nature Lovers

Neptune Scuba Diving Komodo

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Welcome to Komodo Resort

Komodo Resort is a Neptune Scuba Diving Bali company.

Nestled in a sheltered bay fringed with white sand, the Komodo Resort offers a unique and friendly environment to enjoy some of Indonesia’s best diving. Imagine a dive resort in Indonesia where you are welcomed as family on a paradisiac island in the middle of the Komodo National Park surrounded by crystal clear waters and pristine reefs.

The Komodo region is renowned for being among the top dive sites on earth. Divers, snorkelers and photographers from all around the world come to the Komodo National Park to experience its very rich and unique marine biodiversity. As you peruse our site you’ll understand why Komodo is without equal in noble hospitality and experiences that build new traditions and memories that last a lifetime.


Komodo Resort consists of 16 Seafront Deluxe Bungalows, 2 Grand View, 2 Grand Beach and 2 Bamboo Bungalows, all made in teak wood from local controlled plantations and natural materials.

With air conditioning, private bathroom, terrace and garden, all the units are surrounded by the pristine nature of Sebayur Island and the beach is just a few meters away with its spectacular house reef.


Komodo Resort has reached the number 4 position on the top 10 Dive Resorts worldwide in Dive Travel Awards 2020.
Being placed as one of the best dive resort in Indonesia, and the world, has definitely one of the bright highlight during this challenging year.

In World’s Top Destination Indonesia takes top spot for the fourth consecutive year, once again earning more votes than most of the other destinations put together.
It really is the best place in the world to scuba dive and Komodo National Park is a good place to discover the best of both the underwater and topside attractions of Indonesia.


Gem of the Lesser Sunda islands, the Komodo Archipelago counts more than thirty islands scattered along the canals of Sape and Linta, link and meeting point between the Indian Ocean and the Flores Sea.

The Komodo National Park is one of the richest and most diverse marine environments on earth and home to over 1000 species of fish, 260 species of coral as well as numerous species of dolphins, whales, sharks, manta rays and turtles.

In this natural paradise selected as one of the New 7 wonders of nature and World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, there are over forty of the world’s most amazing dive sites, each a real dream for divers.

It is also one of the top Snorkeling destination on the planet.

Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

A Unique Resort for Divers,Snorkelers & Nature LoversLonely Tree() South from Siaba near the coast of Rinca, a little rock with one tree is a landmark for a small eden for micro-photographers. The dive starts on the eastern side down to 24-25 m, where going east...

Tatawa Kecil

Tatawa Kecil

A Unique Resort for Divers,Snorkelers & Nature LoversTatawa Kecil(Central Komodo) A fantastic dive site where currents can be strong. The splendid topography and the richness of species make Tatawa Kecil a small jewel inside the archipelago. Located North from...

Golden Passage

Golden Passage

A Unique Resort for Divers,Snorkelers & Nature LoversGolden Passage(North Komodo) It’s a surprising drift dive better to be done in rising tide when the current pushes east to west. This dive site is the channel that separates Gili Lawa Darat from Komodo...


Komodo Resort offers seafront bungalows with private sun beds and umbrellas directly on the beach, a fleet of thirteen boats, brand new diving equipment and a team of professional and highly experienced staff. Diving, snorkeling and excursions in every corner of the Komodo Archipelago. 

A gourmet a la carte restaurant with authentic Italian, Indonesian and Thai food, a beach bar for cocktails at sunset, a spa offering traditional massages, an open air gym and a lot of smiles. This is Komodo Resort!


Learn to dive / Develop new skills in a world class diving destination

Travel to Komodo

The ultimate travel experience in the land of the dragons


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Offering a brand new concept in this region, the KOMODO SEA DRAGON is exclusively designed to provide personal, tailor-made experiences and extraordinary comfort while exploring the beauty of the Komodo archipelago, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Our cruises are open to divers and non-divers alike and each trip is tailor-made to cater for guest’s preferences as well as accounting for the weather conditions, tides, currents and any other prevailing events.

You will come to understand why we aim to build experiences and memories that last for a lifetime.


Komodo Resort offers unlimited world-class reef diving and
high end services to passionate divers & their families


KOMODO National park, one of the New 7 Seven Wonders of Nature.

World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1991 and home of the legendary Komodo Dragon. A prehistoric dreamland that you can now discover through our gallery of images!


The first time we arrived at Labuan Bajo, the natural gateway to Komodo archipelago was by
sea and it was due to the sheer curiosity to meet the varans the famous Komodo’s dragons.
The scanty information we had regarded only the varans: how and where to see them. We
knew near to nothing about the archipelago and its environment.

We didn’t expect to see the striking beauty of the place even if we had already
got used to the fantastic scenery of Indonesia with its mountains sloping in the
sea and there taking the shape of green beaches, vertical harsh landscape
covered by thick forests and cut by rushing streams, volcanoes lakes and
thousands of little islands emerging from a Safire and turquoise sea.


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Tanjung Pelita, Pulau Sebayur, Labuan Bajo 86754,
Kec. Komodo, Manggarai Barat, Flores, NTT – Indonesia


Jln. Soekarno Hatta, Kampung Cempah, Labuan Bajo 86754
Kec. Komodo, Manggarai Barat, Flores, NTT – Indonesia