Boats, boats, boats!!!!

Three new editions in our fleet. Expanding the archipelago experience, widening the field, for the dive and snorkel junkies, to explore the southern dive sites of Komodo.

For those who have been to Komodo Resort, Sebayur in the last 6 months know that it certainly looked like we had no shortage of boats! With Puti, Biru doing the free transfers between Labuan Bajo and Sebayur. Senja mainly looking after the people going to explore Rinca or Komodo itself to find the Komodo Dragons lazing about at the ranger camps or even for the lucky few on the tracks themselves and also looking after the snorkel day trips to three lovely snorkeling reefs with a break on a stunning pink beach. Fajar and Indah carrying the divers to see the wide diversity up close at dive sites from Sabolon Kecil to Bonsia to Castle Rock to Manta point or any other dive site between. The water boat keeping the water supply topped up on Sebayur. Speed Besar and Speed Kecil taking care of the private transfers, private snorkeling and diving trips for those who wanted to have more flexibility of when, where and how many to go to many of our beautiful dive and snorkel sites in the stunning surroundings of Komodo national park.

Now we have two more Speed Boats, one being the same size as Speed Besar and the second bigger with the ability to carry 10 divers comfortably to Manta alley in as little time as Indah can carry us to Manta point, and a 30 meter going to be liveaboard. I can’t wait to be on that one!

And since I am on holiday now would I like to ask Antonello and Stefano via this blog of the names of our three new babies?

Actually what I would like to suggest, if the names are not known yet, is to ask you for suggestions.

Finally would I like to see who out there, besides Komodo Resort staff or ex staff, knows the name of our first boat?