A Wonderful Staff

February 11, 2016

Komodo Resort & Diving Club is a resort with 16 luxury beach huts for a maximum of 38 customers which can be considered as a small Resort consequently a perfect place for peace and quietness. The biggest surprise for anybody who ask how many people are working there is to find out that we have close to 80 people on Sebayur who are all there to provide the divers, snorkelers, trekkers, nature explorers, paradise lovers and those who just like to relax with the best holiday imaginable with, as I told you before, diving, snorkelling, trekking, pink beach experience, sunsets with or without a cocktail, glass of wine, beer or something stronger, good Indonesian & Italian food but more to the point with our warm welcoming smiles specially from our Indonesian staff!

Of all these people there are 7 non Indonesians whereas the rest are!

Most of these happy smiley Indonesians are from a place on Flores the Island East from the Komodo national park around the Rutang city where most of them studied in a hospitality school with whom Stefano & Antonello have set up a close bond providing the school with the opportunity to send every year 10 or more of their students to gain work experience. This is a perfect scenario for both the Indonesian students to be able to get experience in a mid to top end market of hospitality meanwhile being very well looked after and for Stefano and Antonello since they get to train potentially future staff for Komodo Resort. The only problem being is that ones they did their training none of them want to leave and unfortunately only job spaces for some. Some others are from Labuan Bajo and some from the little fisherman’s Island Misa where by the way we get provision of our Eco friendly fished fish.

Now it is a well known fact that Indonesian people are naturally warm welcoming people so no surprise to see everybody smile. The difference in Sebayur which I noticed very quickly after my arrival and which is also pointed out by at least 95% of people who have come and taken the Komodo Resort experience home with them is that these smiles are not only warm and sincere but also full of joy and happiness showing everyone how they love being on Sebayur. Personally do I put this down to how they are treated with respect and how well they are looked after by the owners of Komodo Resort & Diving Club.

It is for me a privilege to work side by side with all of them.

Finally do I have another quiz for all of you who had the joy of meeting our Indonesian staff to see how many names you can remember and for the elites the name and there roll at Komodo Resort at the time that you stayed with us since they do intend to change rolls every ones in a while?

So get your thinking caps on and write down what you remember.

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Staff

  1. What a lovely Trip!

    This place was just paradise! Every moment of every day was fantastic

    I stayed 10 days and have wonderful things to share about the Komodo Dive Resort.

    It is, by far, the best dive resort I have ever visited. It was like being in paradise!

    The resort grounds very well managed are nicely landscaped in a tropical setting amid buildings with palm thatched roofs

    The rooms spacious and very clean were fully equipped with a fan and air conditioning, security safes, plenty of hot water, comfortable beds and a balcony with a lovely views in every direction and romantic sunsets.

    Each of the staff greeted us ‎by our name every time they arrived with a smile. They were very friendly and welcoming as a whole very pleasant and helpful. They have gone out of their way to make sure that we have had all the help and service that we could wish for. That makes us felt perfectly at home.

    What about the diving?

    Everyone knows that diving with a good dive master can make the difference between a bad dive experience and a memorable dive experience. In Komodo Dive Resort all dive guides are very qualified and were as a whole exceptional. They take safety very seriously, not saturated and of high quality.

    We were in peak season and did dives 3-4 divers per dive master, all very relaxed.

    I have had an opportunity to dive with each of them and, and, and… I had the chance to meet Leo THE dive guide that I’ve ever had; always being greatly attentive, he left a lasting impression with his funny and likable personality, extremely patient, and had a positive attitude all the time (even when he is cold in water at 28 degrees;-) ).

    He makes clients feel comfortable and loves share his passion for the great Mantas

    The diving was AMAZING, the best I’ve encountered to date with the flourishing and colorful reefs, multitudes of fishes, sharks, turtles and the magnificent mantas.

    The food?! Oh my god! Absolutely exquisite with both Indonesian and Italian influences, there are a variety of options via the daily blackboard menu. Several kinds of deserts, but do not taste the crème brulée would be a serious mistake. I would not tell you anything more. You must to taste it yourself at least once in your life!

    I just can’t put into words the way I felt being there and was so sad to leave!

    Thank all of you, for a trip to be remembered.


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