Food, food and more food in Komodo!!!!

For those on a diet please read this carefully before coming!

Being on a little island with only goats, dears and fish as your neighbour, no ties to Labuan Bajo or any “mainland” you can imagine that it is not easy to have a variety of food specially if you know that in Labuan Bajo or even in Flores itself it is already difficult to find a variety of food products.
Now you have two Italians who arrived on Sebayur, well travelled Italians, and no variety of food!!!!!!! That is impossible!!!!!! We all know that the Italians love there food (and wine) so how can the survive on this tiny island in the edge of Komodo National park????

When I arrived to Komodo Resort my expectations where not very high with regards to the food. I got there in the afternoon so my first eating session would be dinner. At about 8 o’clock in the evening one of the smiley restaurant staff came to take our orders and started to tell me the options of a three course Italian style dinner, starter, pasta and main course, with in course 2 and 3, three options. You can imagine my surprise! Not getting my hopes up to much about the sizes of the portions I decided to order one of each course. That was a big mistake!!!! The problem wasn’t that there was to much or that it wasn’t good because you can just leave what you can’t eat or don’t like. The problem was that there was to much and to nice to stop eating. After this dinner “stuffing session” the only word that would run around in my head was “gluttony” and after struggling getting to my room, which seems to take hours even though it was only a 100 meters away, I plunked myself on the bed, surprisingly the bed didn’t collapse under the pressure created, and made a eating plan in order not to feel as stuffed as I did then. It didn’t take long though before they made it even more difficult by adding pizza on the menu two nights a week. When I say pizza I don’t mean Pizza Hut or Domino’s, no I mean Italian pizza!!!! Then as a cherry on the icing they also bring out randomly a Italian cheese buffet. For the real veterans there is also desserts but please don’t eat my crème brûlée that is my favourite.
Now that is just dinner don’t get me started on the authentic Indonesian lunch mmmm or the buffet breakfast.