Stefano and Antonello’s Christmas present to Komodo Resort and Diving Club and also to Komodo National park and surrounding Islands!

The birth of Komodo Resort blog.

So here is to all the divers, snorkelers, trekkers, relaxers, swimmers, seekers for a trip back to Jurassic times, explorers, romantics, canoers, nature lovers, photographers, videographers, scenery lovers, people who like to go to the gym in the tropics with a stunning view and those who love to eat good Indonesian and Italian food with a lovely glass of wine.

First of would I like to explain a little bit about Komodo Resort and Dive Club located on a beautiful little Island (Sebayur, North East from Komodo and West from Labuan Bajo) bordering Komodo national park just 12 Kilometres away from Labuan Bajo, Flores.

Komodo Resort and Diving Club was an accident waiting to happen. I say accident normally taken negatively though in this case the total opposite.

Once upon a time there where two friends who had already explored a fast variety of dive sites and the stunning Islands in the archipelago of Komodo right in between Sumbawa and Flores. One day they thought it to be a good idea to find and Island with nothing else but local creatures and a beach to built two accommodations for them to have as a solitary retreat for when they wanted/needed time to recharge their batteries. By a stroke of luck they stumbled across Sebayur Besar where the first thing they did after building a jetty was putting up two tents on the end of the jetty and whilst camping imagining the future of Sebayur Besar…………..

Actually it might be a better idea if you read the history on our website.

Now it is time to tell you a little bit about the present……..

As worldwide known, Komodo is one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world and maybe the best for snorkeling and as I have been here now for a bit more then a year exploring the dive sides I feel confident in saying that Komodo diving is something not to be missed for any diver or snorkeler. As anybody who has looked on the internet under Komodo diving has read as well as those who have been here will tell you that the wide diversity of marine life is plenty! With the multi coloured coral gardens and the dens fish populated dive sides which I like to call overfilled fish tanks, Komodo provides the opportunity for divers and snorkelers at all levels to enjoy nature to its maximum. With things like inter species correlations, enjoying the wide variety of different coloured and shaped Nudi Branchs, crabs and other creatures crawling in between the hard, soft and sponge corals, the schools of Fusiliers, Glass fish and other being hunted by Giant Trevallies, Snappers, Jack fishes and Reef Sharks. Green Turtles just lazing around or Hawksbill rooting around for food. And not forgetting the Oceanic Mantas, Reef Mantas, Black Mantas, Mobulas and many other Rays being cleaned and  sals the same time or having a dance in front of, around or above you at touching distances (but please DO NOT touch them?)

A bit less known are other things you can do in this stunning archipelago.

Probably most of you have heard about the Komodo Dragons which can be found, of course, on Komodo Island but what very little people realise is that there  salso Rinca, Nusa Kode and Padar Island providing you the same opportunity to experience the Komodo Dragons in a equal way. With three different lengths of tracking a guide will show you in Rinca or Komodo, other wild life like Monkey’s, Buffalo, Dears, Wild Pigs, Megapod Birds, Eagles and other along the path with at some parts, amazing views over the bays, sea and other Islands around.

Other experiences to gain here are things like snorkelling of beautiful pink beaches or pretty much 90% of the dive sides, Flying foxes, trekking, taking the canoe out to around the corner giving the opportunity to see the juvenile sharks or the wild life in the mangrove, visiting the fisherman Island of Misa, seeing beautiful sunrises (though I have to admit that I haven’t seen those yet though many customers told me), stunning sunsets either from a comfy chair on the beach by our beach bar or from the top of the hill just 10 minutes walk giving you the chance to bring a bottle of wine to add to the romantic moment to then return down to enjoy three courses of our Italian menu prepared by our Italian chef (three courses meaning Starter, Pasta and Main course) that is if you can eat that much. Personally do I struggle still yet not be able to stop eating due to the wonderful tastes. Washing the beautiful foot down with a lovely wine chosen from our (of course) Italian, French, South African small but good selection.

When you think about an Island with one resort on it and no locals living there it would be very easy to think that you might get bored specially if you are not a diver but more and more non divers come here and leaving with the comment that they wish they had booked longer. Consequently returning the following year, or sometimes the same year, for longer.

But don’t let me tell you since on trip adviser many of our customers already do.

For now Stefano, Antonello, Federica, Elena, Mauro, Luca, all the smiley Indonesian staff and myself Leo would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will be back soon with more of the history of Komodo Resort and Diving Club, to answer any questions that you might have and what is happening in beautiful Indonesian paradise of Komodo National park.