COVID-19 Update

Dear valued guests,

Warm greetings from Komodo Resort & Diving Club!

We hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times.

At Komodo Resort we are closely monitoring the situation to ensure our guests have access to the most up-to-date information and are supported by the most effective safety precautions.

In light of the impact and changes caused by the novel COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to ensure and reassure you that we are focused on the health and safety of all our guests and employees without compromising the standards and quality of service offered on a daily basis.

We have always been applying the highest standards of Hygiene and cleanliness. However, considering the situation of the pandemic and to prevent any risks of virus transmission, we have set-up comprehensive procedures following the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) in full adherence with the Indonesian authorities rules and recommendations. We also implemented the new guidelines suggested by DAN and PADI in regard to the diving operation aspects.

All our team members have received intensive training and are complying to the latest guidance and hygiene protocols.

We have amended our booking and cancellation policies (see below) in order to offer more flexibility in such fluctuating circumstances.

We are truly doing our utmost to provide you with a healthy and peaceful environment and we will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

For any additional information or clarification regarding your booking or the measures being taken, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your support and understanding, we sincerely look forward to welcoming you soon again!

Risk Free Booking Policy

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and fully understand the concerns around travelling during this time.

Consistent with our commitment to care, and to prioritize the health and well-being of all our guests and colleagues, we are temporary adjusting the booking and cancellation policies during this period, as follows:

  • Any existing booking, directly affected by the current travel ban to Indonesia, can be moved and upon request transferred to other person to a later date, but no later than 24 months after the initial travelling date. This rebooking will not incur any fee but, new rates may apply for rebooking after the 15th of February 2022. 
  • Any existing booking that does not fall under the current travel restrictions to Indonesia will follow our normal cancellation policy. Please refer to for more details. 
  • Any new bookings can be held, without the need for a deposit, until 15 days prior to arrival. Past this date the guest need to either release the reservation or confirm it by processing the full payment of the booking.

Once any change of the existing travel bans comes into place, we will adjust this policy accordingly.

True Facts

The Komodo Resort management acted cautiously and decided to close the resort on the 25th of March.

On the 2nd of April the Indonesian government started to restrict visas for foreigners entering Indonesia, putting a halt to tourism and forcing hotels, resorts, and businesses to shut their doors. Although closed to the public, the resort currently hosts about 40 employees taking care of gardens, maintaining boats, repairing and renovating.

We also used this time to realize various projects, such as modifying our well to improve the water production of our desalination system, adding new mooring lines for the boats, renovating some of the staff bungalows, finalizing and touching up the new liveaboard, finding ways to reduce our energy consumption and growing healthy vegetables, just to name a few.

Since the closure of the resort we started implementing our own lock-down and all personnel has restricted and abstained from unnecessary contacts outside of Sebayur Island. As an extra precaution no outsider has been granted access to the resort premises until further notice.

We did not forget about the rest of our team members (more than 50 employees) currently staying safely at home. The initial plan was to roll the teams to allow everyone to maintain a source of income but due to the lock down staff rolling revealed to be an unsuitable measure. However, the resort is still economically supporting all the employees during this difficult time and they will progressively return to work following strictly monitored protocols prior to an eventual reopening.

So far Indonesia has been spared from an extensive wave of contagion and -at the time of writing West Manggarai Regency, where the Komodo Resort is located, has had only 14 positive cases confined to two small and well identified clusters

We are currently monitoring the situation and awaiting for the latest updates from the local and national authorities to decide a plausible date for a reopening. While this will depend on the relaxation of quarantine rules and the resumption of scheduled flights, we are somehow confident that, in the absence of a second wave of Covid-19 infections, international tourism will start picking up again in the next coming months.

Safety precautions & Guidelines

  • We are implementing a maximum occupancy of 60 percent to provide extra space and comfort as well as further enhancing the distancing rules.
  • Hand sanitizers dispensers are made available to all guests at key entrances or public areas (e.g., in every room, at the main jetty, office, restaurant, common lavatory, dive center, on every boat, etc.).
  • A customized washable/reusable face mask and a reusable aluminum drinking bottle is offered upon arrival to each guest.
  • Informative posters are provided to amplify the key messages among guests and staff.
  • We encourage all our guests to wash their hands regularly with soap during their stay.
  • Effective procedures are in place in the event of a suspected COVID case, including transportation to health care, isolation and protective measures for staff and guests.
  • The management is available and constantly assessing the situation on site.



  • All team members have been trained on the correct procedures to ensure both guests’ and their own safety.
  • All team members are wearing reusable/washable masks especially when in direct contact with guests and are respecting social distancing rules.
  • Strict hygiene policies are being followed (especially washing hands multiple times daily).
  • Training sessions on housekeeping, hygiene protocols and COVID-19 awareness are frequently provided and reviewed.
  • Regular monitoring and body temperature checks are being conducted with all our team members.



  • Online check-in is in place and our guests are provided with a digital set of resort information two (2) weeks prior to their arrival in order to reduce handling physical documents
  • Up to date COVID procedures are sent to all guests pre-arrival.
  • Minivan used for transfers is thoroughly sanitized before and after every trip and guest seating capacity has been reduced to allow enhanced distancing.
  • Guests’ luggage will be taken from the airport to the resort and sanitized thoroughly prior to be left on their private balcony at check in.
  • Upon arrival guests are kindly requested to proceed directly to their rooms to shower and change clothes before engaging in other activities.



  • All bungalow keys will be thoroughly sanitized and left by the entrance door prior to check in.
  • A hand sanitizer gel is available in every bungalow.
  • Decorative cushions & bed runners have been removed and available upon request only.
  • Mini bar is fully stocked up prior to guests’ arrival and will be replenished upon request.
  • Housekeeping services like bed linen/bath towel/beach towel replacement as well as room cleaning will be available upon request only.
  • A communication channel with the front office team is in place via WhatsApp and WeChat.
  • Each bungalow has its own private sun loungers and beach umbrella with a safe distance of at least 10m.



  • Balcony doors will always be kept widely open during room cleaning to allow for maximum air flow.
  • The use of tested and effective virucidal products has been implemented.
  • A 24-hour interval will be observed after each check-out from the room prior to new check-in.
  • The entire room will be thoroughly sanitized with particular attention for high-touch areas such as AC remote control, master switches, desk, safety box, hangers, door and furniture handles, water faucet handles, nightstands, light switches, luggage racks, flooring and toilet seats.
  • Mosquito nets and curtains will be disinfected and replaced with fresh ones after every check out.
  • Public spaces & Common areas will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times daily with an emphasis on frequent contact surfaces including front desk counter, door handles, public bathrooms and all seating areas.



  • Restaurant seating capacity has been reduced to conform to social distancing guidelines.
  • Specific tables are assigned to each room number.
  • A minimum distance of 2 meters in between each tables is in place while avoiding transit areas.
  • Adapted food service and procedures are in place.
  • A la carte menu is displayed on a large black board and food orders are made well in advance to allow extra care with preparation and hygiene.



  • Masks and disposable gloves are worn by each team member and being replaced frequently.
  • All team members strictly follow proper food preparation protocols.



  • We recommend divers/snorkelers to bring their own gear or at least their mask and snorkel.
  • Boats total capacity will be greatly reduced to conform to social distancing guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizers and defogging products will be available on board of every boat.
  • Guides and crew will comply with social distance protocols and wear masks.
  • Guests are requested to take care of their own/rented equipment and avoid touching others’.
  • Rinsing of masks will be carried out in open sea water / individual buckets will be assigned to place the remaining gear.
  • Each Diver equipment will be washed and thoroughly disinfected individually, enough space between diving sets will be provided to dry separately.
  • Only authorized staff is allowed to be in the compressor area / dry area / equipment room.
  • Specific parts of the boats, such as water tanks, hand railing, door handles and toilets, will be cleaned and disinfected frequently during the trip.


Kindly be informed that this only a short introduction and description of the protocols currently being implemented and that a complete set of Standard Operating Procedures for each department is already in place and updated to the latest guidelines.

For any additional information or clarification in regards to your booking or about the measures being taken, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].