Diving & Activities

Indonesia is not only a diving and snorkeling paradise, the beauty of its underwater treasures is comparable to the wonders of its rugged landscape. We organize excursions, from beautiful secluded beaches, to hiking up spectacular panoramic view points.

2 Kayaks will be also available if you wish to explore the surroundings.


Our highly professional and very experienced dive team consists of PADI certified Indonesian guides and 2 Cruise Directors (PADI instructors).

English and Indonesian will be widely spoken on board and other languages may be available on request.

Most PADI courses and specialties are offered on board to include trial dives for uncertified guests eager to experience scuba diving for the first time. Courses and specialties have a limited number of participants; therefore, it is recommended that these are booked well in advance or at least 90 days before cruise departure.

All the diving activities, apart from PADI courses, are included in your package and most dives will take place during the day. However, night dives can be arranged upon request.

The standard ratio of guests-to-guide is 4:1 and dive groups will be arranged according to each divers level of training, experience and preferences. A private guide is available on request, at an extra charge, and must be booked well in advance or at least 90 days before cruise departure.

Our dive tanks are 12L aluminum with DIN or an international regulator system. Upon request, a limited number of 15L tanks will be available without any extra charge and must be booked well in advance or at least 90 days before cruise departure.

At the time of booking, you will be able to select, on the Guest Information Form your dive equipment rental sizes and preferences.

Please note: Courses can only be guaranteed when booked in advance.


Please be advised that all dives are planned and executed without decompression stops. It is mandatory for all divers to use a dive computer, observe safety stops and stay well within the dive computer limits.

A refresher course will be mandatory for divers who:

  • Have less than 20 dives and have not dived for a year or longer
  • Have not dived for 2 years and logged between 51 to 200 dives
  • Have not dived for at least 4 years

Before each dive, our guides will provide a detailed briefing about the site topography, sites of interest, current conditions as well as safety recommendations and procedures.

On dive sites, where strong currents are expected, and prior to entering the water, the dive guides will check the direction and strength of the current. They will determine whether to continue or change the dive plan if conditions are deemed unsafe or potentially dangerous.



Due to the remoteness of our cruise destinations, it is mandatory for all divers to have a DAN or another dive insurance which covers injuries, emergency evacuation and treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.

In addition, we strongly recommend all our guests to have a Health and Travel/Cancellation insurance.


Snorkelers are very welcome aboard the Komodo Sea Dragon!

Most of the dive sites offer amazing snorkeling, and even when the divers explore a deep reef, snorkeling activities can be organized ad hoc.

All snorkelers will be accompanied in the water by experienced snorkeling guides.

Please, note that all non-divers/snorkelers are entitled to a 10% discount on the cabin rates.


A full program of world class excursions is included on your package depending on cruise itineraries.

Typical land excursions may include: Komodo Dragons trekking, Pink Beach, Padar Island view point and Flying Foxes. Entrance fees for those excursions are included in your package.