Flores Island

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Flores is one of the many Islands of the Lesser Sunda ranching from the east of the Wallace line to Samulaki Island and though Bali is on the western side of the famous Wallace line it is still part of Lesser Sunda. Flores, living under the shadow of the fame of Bali, is one of the richest and most fascinating Islands in Indonesia. It was due to a small stream of travellers, lovers of diving, snorkelling and trekking, devoted to explore unspoiled nature with ancient cultures, that Flores became part of a tourist destination not to be missed.

Today Flores offers adequate facilities and services for a variety of demands and needs of tourists, ranging from backpackers to luxury accommodation and activities. Flores provides visitors the chance to see, incredible views over landscape sceneries after hiking the forests on its mountains or volcanos, the beautiful three coloured volcanic lakes of Mount Kelimutu (which mind you changes colours unpredictably and the best time to visit is at sunrise) after a short walk of about 1 kilometre from the parking area. Waterfalls like Cunca Wulan and Cunca Rami, caves like Liang Bua with a very interesting history of the Homo Floresiensis, nicknamed “The Hobbit” and Batu Cermin, the traditional villages of Bajawa and Ngada or the incredible diversity of wild life.

Thanks to the convenient location next to Komodo National Park, providing diving and snorkelling in clear waters filled with a high diversity of marine life with multi coloured coral reefs beaming with fish life, taking pride in being in the top 10 dive and snorkel destination’s, makes Flores in my opinion one of the best holiday destinations. This is even without talking about the largest existing species of monitor lizards known as the famous Komodo Dragons, the giant fruit bats also known as The Flying Foxes, white and pink sandy beaches, skies with breath-taking colours, romantic sunsets or navigating thru the constellation of small Islands in and around Komodo National Park.

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