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Crystal Rock

(North Komodo)
These submerged pinnacles is a real aquarium in the open sea, not far from Castle Rock.
Depending on the direction of the current, we will jump into the water not far from the pinnacles, quickly down to 20-25m where, after finding a rock to hold on to, we will be spectators of a show like few others.

Giant trevallies, giant sweetlips, tunas, huge schools of fusiliers, black tip and white tip sharks swimming around and curious grey reef sharks take possession of the set. When the air starts to drop or the NDL is near the limit, we will leave our position to be carried by the current, around the pinnacle until the opposite side, where we will finally be protected.

At the end we will explore the coral garden, looking for crocodile fish, nudibranches, small crabs and shrimps. We recommend that only very experienced divers, because the current here can be very strong.



1h 30’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 2h 50’ from Labuan Bajo


Very strong to mild


Very good to good

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