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Golden Passage

(North Komodo)

It’s a surprising drift dive better to be done in rising tide when the current pushes east to west.

This dive site is the channel that separates Gili Lawa Darat from Komodo Island.Once jumped into the water and followed the bottom that slowly degrades, you enter into the flow of the current and let yourself be carried away. The coral garden is beautiful and deeper you get more life you’ll find there awaiting for you. You will cross the channel about 18m deep surrounded by amazing landscapes always changing.

Schools of sweetlips, humphead parrotfish, trevallies, white and black tip sharks. Lots of turtles. In few occasions we met giant manta ray and dolphins. The dive ends at the opposite side of the channel where divers can enjoy the bright corals during the Safety Stop. The dive site with is very suitable for snorkelers especially in the shallow waters of the bays.



1h 10’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 2h 40’ from Labuan Bajo


Very strong to mild – Perfect for snorkelling


Very good to good

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