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Halim Rock

(Central Komodo)

This is the Komodo resort private dive site, an underwater pinnacle located east of the resort situated in the open ocean.

Called after one of our local long standing members of staff. This was once a favourite fishing ground of his, and for good reason. We time this dive site around the currents to allow the dive to be possible. It starts at 10m and drops down to 25-30 meters and is covered in a large array of corals making it an ideal place for marine life. We follow the sloping reef around it because is a good opportunity to have the reef sharks, like white and black tip, swimming around you making their way through the schooling fish. Also one of our top sites for the very well camouflaged crocodile fish which use the pinnacle as there hunting grounds.

At the top of the pinnacle it is made up of big rocks covered in corals and large barrel sponges making this an ideal place to spot the smaller inhabitants of the reef. Here you can expect to see many types of nudibranch and shrimps. When finishing the dive we come up to the Safety Stop above the pinnacle, where you are usually greeted by a school of playful bat fish.



20’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 20’ from Labuan Bajo


Strong to mild


Very good to moderate

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