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Langkoi Rock

(South Komodo)

If you are looking for an extreme and adrenaline dive site, here you have served this wonderful submerged pinnacle located in the southwest part of Komodo Island.

Site not suitable for inexperienced divers, as currents are always present and the surrounding deep waters. The summit of this seamount lies at a depth of 5m, and entry into the water takes place in up current; fast ok on the surface and fast descent up to 20-25m. Once you reach the pre-established point and find the right handhold, the show begins! White tip sharks, gray reef sharks, giant trevalleys, groupers, giant sweetlips dominate the scene. Always checking the manometer and the computer you will go back to the most protected part, where we will perform the Safety Stop slightly protected by the pinnacle, and then finish the last meters of the ascent in the blue. Without any doubt among the best sites in the archipelago for those looking for big fishes action and sharks.



1h from Komodo Resort (by big speedboat), 2h 45’ from Labuan Bajo


Very strong to mild


Very good to moderate

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