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Manta Alley

(South Komodo)

Glorious dive for manta lovers, on the southernmost tip of Komodo.

The name is a big clue in what to expect here. Regarded as one of the top manta sites in the months September through to April.
Starting in a shallow reef close to the shore you can expect a strong to mild drift dive here. The dive is over a stunning coral reef with opportunities to dive with large numbers of mantas in any one dive. This is a breeding hot spot for the mantas. Though mantas are the main attraction here it is full of marine life including reef sharks, schools of trevallies and large wrasses.

The site can experience the famous strong Komodo currents making this primarily for the more experienced diver. Visibility and water temperatures can be less than what you experience in other areas of the park, but when is full of mantas you soon forget.



1h from Komodo Resort (by speedboat), 2h 30’ from Labuan Bajo


Very strong to mild – Perfect for snorkelling


Good to moderate

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