A Unique Resort for Divers,

Snorkelers & Nature Lovers


(Central Komodo)
Considered by many experts in the field as well as marine biologists as one of the best sanctuaries, globally, for a close encounter with the magnificent manta rays.

It is suitable for experienced divers and not given the reduced depth, but only when the current conditions are optimal. Just a few moments after being underwater, above a bottom mostly composed of broken corals, you have the opportunity to cross sharks and sting rays. Continuing southwards, we will find ourselves flying over a coral garden of such beauty that will leave everyone speechless. Hard and soft corals, small seafans, colorful sponges and anemones are the ideal habitat for nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs and small moray eels.

The surprise arrives in the final arrived at the sandy slope, where cleaning stations generally host a certain number of manta rays, many of which are extremely intrigued by the presence of strange visitors, will approach to take a look.



50’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 30’ from Labuan Bajo


Strong to mild – Perfect for snorkelling


Very good to good

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