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Padar Kecil

(Padar Island)

With pristine reef sandy bottom and even a small wreck makes this dive a concentrate of surprises.

On the south side of the Padar bay lays Padar Kecil. Arriving on one of the buoy lines, once the boat is moored, we will use it to make the descent in to the shallow sloping coral garden. The corals start here at 5m and makes its way down to a sandy bottom at 18m. The coral garden is a perfect place for all types of reef life, from soft corals to large hard coral patches.

This is an ideal hiding place for cuttlefish, octopus and all manners of critters. Large trevallies patrol the reef with snappers and emperor fish following closely. The sandy bottom is ideal for macro lovers, looking for small critters such as nudibranches, sea moths and different types of shrimps and crabs. Though not uncommon to find the white tip reef shark sleeping here.

The wreck is very small but is a host to a large variety of marine life making it their new home. Visibility here can be moderate during peak season with temperatures lower than central sites. Being in the protection of the Padar Bay makes this a protected site from the strong currents.



1h from Komodo Resort (by speedboat), 2h 30’ from Labuan Bajo


Mild to nothing – Perfect for snorkelling


Good to moderate

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