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(Padar Island)

The peculiarity of this dive site is the great topographic variety, located on the south-east side of Padar Island (between Komodo and Rinca).

Due to his particular position, in some moments during the peak season is quite difficult to reach because of rough sea condition, strong wind and moderate visibility. The best way to start this dive is to jump to the south. As soon as we descend we will find a magnificent landscape along which we will be transported by the current.

Initially passing by pinnacles that come from the deepest waters (a must look into the blue to find some pelagic passing by) followed by caves and some swim-through that act as sheltered area for a large number of small fishes.

Once arrived in the west side the scenery takes the form of a wall covered with soft coral with yellow-orange shades and beautiful gorgonians. During the last part we will find ourselves flying and making our safety stop over a sloping reef rich in different species of corals.



1h from Komodo Resort (by speedboat), 2h 30’ from Labuan Bajo


Strong to mild


Good to moderate

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