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Sabalon Kecil

(Central Komodo)

This is one of those small hidden gems with in the archipelago located north-east from our resort with great opportunity to spot dolphins playing on the bow of the boat.

We start this dive from the eastern side and drop in on to a beautiful sloping reef. After following the reef in a southerly direction we start to cross over to an underwater pinnacle starting at 18m. While crossing over you look beneath you to see a field of garden eels all sticking out from the sandy bottom. Then you arrive upon the pinnacle. At any one time here you can have the school of Barracuda circling above you with curious Bat fish following you around. The pinnacle is covered in all types of hard corals and fans making this a good destination to find the Pygmy Seahorse, frogfish, leafy scorpion fish and numerous types of nudibranches. Do not forget to look in the blue as you can expect trevallies hunting and sharks passing by.

After the pinnacle we head back across to the sloping reef of Sabalon where we let the current push us with a small drift to the south side of the island. Once we have drifted over the reef we arrive on the protected side of the island where we can finish our dive and have the boat pick us up.



10’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 40’ from Labuan Bajo


Mild to nothing – Perfect for snorkelling


Very good to moderate

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