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Secret Garden

(Padar Island)

The name says it all … a little gem near Padar Island.

As we can easily foresee what awaits us underwater it is an incredible garden of corals among which it detaches in quantity the black coral. The reef continues in the deepest part, tilting slightly, assuming the appearance of a wall thickly covered with soft corals. Here and there, irregularly, small rock formations also covered with sponges and seafans.

The dive site is suitable both for fish action lovers as encounters with sweetlips, snappers, jackfish and mobula rays (often seen in large schools) are not casuals; and for macro lovers as octopus, nudibranches, scorpionfish and ghost pipefish are common inhabitants of this area. In the peak season can be difficult to reach due to rough sea conditions.



1h from Komodo Resort (by speedboat), 2h 30’ from Labuan Bajo


Strong to mild


Good to moderate

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