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Siaba Besar

(Central Komodo)
Suitable for all divers, especially if you are looking for abundant marine life and quiet conditions.
Moored the boat, we will find ourselves inside this beautiful bay on the north-west side of Siaba Besar. The immense lettuce coral garden will accompany us throughout the first part of the dive, first in the deepest area frequented by white tip sharks, eagle rays, giant sweetlips and blue spotted stingray; afterwards, going back to around 10m we will pass through the famous Turtle City, densely inhabited by an innumerable quantity of green turtles intent on eating, swimming or sleeping.

Leaving behind the friendly turtles, we will slowly fly over a large sandy area that will give unexpected surprises, sharpen the sight is a must because you will be face to face with leafy scorpionfish, frogfish, nudibranch, spiny devilfish and the rare flamboyant cuttlefish can be spotted too.



30’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 40’ from Labuan Bajo


Mild to nothing – Perfect for snorkelling


Good to moderate

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