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Tatawa Kecil

(Central Komodo)

A fantastic dive site where currents can be strong. The splendid topography and the richness of species make Tatawa Kecil a small jewel inside the archipelago.

Located North from Komodo, not far from Batu Bolong and South from Tatawa Besar. The entry into the water takes place in the south-west corner of this small island, where we will descend following the island’s profile up to 20-24m. A must is a look in the blue, as it often happens to cross mobula rays, eagle rays, giant trevallies and some sharks patrolling the area.

Continuing northwards, the wall is enriched with small over hangs densely inhabited by small invertebrates and nudibranchs, as well as numerous cleaning stations for the always present oriental sweetlips. The final part of the dive is also incredible, where a pristine coral garden, populated by moray eels, bat fish and fusiliers, will accompany us to the surface.



35’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 1h 35’ from Labuan Bajo


Very strong to mild – Perfect for snorkelling


Very good to good

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