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Toko Toko

(North Komodo)

The northernmost dive site of Komodo National Park. A little rocky island just in the middle of the sea.

Suitable for experienced divers, as the current can sometimes be strong. If the conditions allow it turns out to be a suitable place for a drift and a deep dive, very fun and interesting. Given its particular position, surprises are never lacking, pelagic fish passing by as well as manta rays, eagle rays, giant trevallies and sharks.

Follow the current depending where is running, any direction is suitable. When we need to begin our Safety Stop, swim back close to the interesting shallow waters of the island and enjoy the reef. The west side of Toko Toko Island has a long plateau extended towards west with very interesting and particular marine life. This make our first choice to drift east to west for this dive.



1h 40’ from Komodo Resort (by boat), 2h 50’ from Labuan Bajo


Very strong to mild


Very good to good

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