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Yellow Wall

(South Komodo)
Probably the best wall dive in the whole Komodo archipelago.

Along Komodo archipelago in a southerly direction, amazing scenery awaits when we arrive at Horseshoe Bay. Once the head is under water, the reef takes the form of a wall where soft corals, crinoids and sea cucumbers create a yellow-toned coating that will amaze you. The amount of small reef fish is amazing. Triggerfish, butterfly fish and angelfish swim all around. Colored nudibranches share their piece of reef with shrimps and small crustaceans.

Sometimes some larger pelagic passes near the wall. Occasionally there is a mild current that will accompany us, and the temperature slightly lower than in the northern areas. In the peak season can be difficult to reach due to rough sea conditions.



1h from Komodo Resort (by big speedboat), 2h 30’ from Labuan Bajo


Strong to mild


Good to moderate

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