Goodbye 2015 we will miss you and the awesome times you brought though we welcome 2016 with open arms.

This time it would be nice to hear from all of you? What about? Well it would be nice if you could share each of your highlights in Komodo Resort may it be with diving, snorkeling, trekking, eating or just relaxing! It would be even better if you could share it with pictures?
The memories with all of you and the times we shared either diving or snorkeling on the amazing dive sites like Batu Bolong, Makasar Reef (Manta Point), Tatawa Besar, Mauan and all the other in and outside the beautiful National Park of Komodo is what I would not like to ever forget so I can always come back to this blog to reminisce.
I will start with my highlights of the happenings in Sebayur, Komodo National Park and Labuan Bajo in my case with diving, snorkeling and a lot of eating and relaxing but not really trekking hahaha.
2015 has given me the experience at Batu Bolong of diving with Dolphins for the first time in my diving career and even though it was only for ten seconds it was well worth the wait since it was the mum with the young coming from the deep right in front of me up making a nice little twirl to then drop back down and away into the distance WOW!!!!!! 2015 also took my virginity of the Dugong experience in Siaba Besar (Turtle City). Never had I seen a Dugong in the wild or captivity let alone on a dive! It was beautiful to see the Dugong swimming elegantly thru the water. I was with Adam Carlström, a Junior Open Water diver with only about 10 dives under his belt, and his Parents Anders and Annelie. Unfortunately Adam didn’t see it but then for having done only about 10 dives makes it a fair occurrence. And lets not forget the Whale Shark at Crystal Rock, which in Komodo is a rarity.
Then seeing all the usual suspects like Green Turtles at Siaba Besar, Mantas at Makasar Reef and Mauan though I have also spotted them in many other of Komodo dive sites even right in front of Komodo Resort, I assume they where checking out our stunning house reef maybe being on the look out for new accommodation since they came back a few times. They will have to take in consideration that the Dolphins also came to check out our house reef a few times in 2015.
Last but not least the amount of wonderful people I met this year is incredible! They came as customers but departing with the feeling that they where leaving their family and friends behind in Sebayur Besar.