New season starting soon! Time to get the diving and snorkelling equipment out making sure it is all functioning!

Some of you know and some of you don’t but Komodo resort has actually been closed since the 15th of January! No no no no not closed for ever but just till the 15th of February, no need to worry. The reasons are very simple and I am sure I don’t need to explain but I will anyway! First of all at the moment it is the raining season and, us diving Instructors, we don’t like to get wet! This gives us a very good excuse to go on a diving holiday and gloat about how lucky we are to work in Sebayur and dive the awesome archipelago of Komodo every day! Well I say every day but of course we snorkel in these stunning waters some days too.
Another reason for this closing period is to have a chance to do some maintenance making sure we can maintain the standard for our friends, family and new customers. Perhaps adding new features which will be a surprise for me when I get back on the 15th too.
This period is also the worst period for winds from the North West creating some waves and bad visibilities on our beautiful dive sites making them well…… less beautiful to dive.
But now I am looking forward to getting back to see the Mantas, Sharks, Turtles and all my other friends in and out the water making another unforgettable diving and snorkelling year around Komodo exploring new dive and snorkel sites with our new boats.
Which reminds me that I haven’t seen any name suggestions for our new going to be liveaboard yet????
I just need to check my equipment getting it maintained and ready.

See you all soon!!!!