main picture: the fantastic Deblasio – Ceccaroni families

Some of the Komodo Resort guests we miss

Fortunately there are a lot of guests we miss, unfortunately if I would mention all of them I would not be able to dive and give our present guests the beautiful diving and snorkelling experience. So at random I will talk about some of the many lovely people.

To kick-start I would like to start with someone who just left,


She came back just to complain!

Last year we had a customer coming to Komodo Resort from Austria. She came with three friends for a few days of snorkelling, to experience the Komodo underwater beauty and the awesome landscape views on Rinca and Sebayur Besar, as well as admiring the Komodo Dragons. She left here leaving us a list of ten complains. (See picture above)

To add insult to injury after a chat via email, where we told her that we hadn’t changed anything that was in our power to change and that those things of natural occurrences more then likely wouldn’t have changed, she decided to come with her mum, cousin and friend since she felt that she left out some complains. Also did she feel the need to do the Open Water Course with us probably ensuring to have another ten complains. (revised complains list below)

Alice left this time not only with a smile but also as an Open Water diver certification threatening us coming back with her dad and brother.


An 82 year old diver who is difficult to scare.

He arrived with giving us the knowledge that he had concerns about the currents of Komodo and requested a private guide and gentle dives. I was very lucky to be appointed as his private guide and on the check dive, that everyone has to do, he proved himself to be a very good diver. Coming back to Komodo Resort after the dive we had a little chat about what dives we felt where right for him and being his humble self he was very worried when I told him that it would be fine for him to come to Makassar Reef (Manta Point) despite the fact that he had told us that he would not be good in currents. With apprehension he agreed to give it a try based on our advice of him being more then capable for this dive. The smile on his face after this dive was priceless. He stayed with as for three nights after which he would be going to Timor Leste for the Dugongs. By the way he was travelling alone! Awesome guy! Before leaving us he wrote me a thank you note saying thank you for being my engine. It was so touching that when Elena read it she had tears in her eyes. And Brad thank you very much for your kind words but you did it yourself, I did very little other then being your dive buddy.

From America to Russia we have

Roman with his beautiful daughter and wife

Roman came the first time just with his daughter Katya to do the Advanced Open Water Course which turned out to be a little bit of a challenge only because the fact that Katya’s English was below basic. It was Luca’s fortune, our Italian Instructor, to teach these two wonderful divers. At this time she already loved diving but with Roman translating, Luca’s instructions they created together a little dive monster. They came back a second time, this time with mum who at the time was more then satisfied with snorkelling, where the dive monster became even bigger to the point where Roman is finding it difficult to get her to finish her studies. She is determined to become an Diving Instructor and live her life as a fish. But she is a very clever girl and will finish her studies before taking on the Instructor life. I am sure she will be an awesome Instructor though I wish for her to have a good back up profession just in case. We hope they will be back this year.

Then I would like to share about one more couple,

Jonas & Katya

A lovely couple who live in Switzerland who came here last November, originally for 5 nights, to do the Open Water Course. After 3 days they decided to change their travel plans so they could extend their stay by 2 more nights and enjoy more of the diving in Komodo National Park. Unfortunately that was not enough so they extended a further 2 nights. Katya starting the course with great fear and apprehension which turned into joy very quickly to the point that now we have created a little dive monster! They returned last Monday to do the Advanced course and a lot more diving. Katya with her abundance of comic energy and in contrast Jonas laid back and relaxed.